“Buy Ukrainian, Stand with Ukraine” – The #SpendWithUkraine Initiative

A group of Ukrainian brands have come together to launch the #SpendWithUkraine initiative, promoting local products and services. The SpendWithUkraine website showcases the offerings of Ukrainian companies divided into eight categories: gadgets, productivity, education, creativity, lifestyle, fashion, home, and services.

Brands such as Petcube, Ajax Systems, Grammarly, Preply, Depositphotos, and Reface are among the companies featured on the platform. The team behind the initiative, led by the startup Petcube, has also launched a campaign on ProductHunt and created a promotional video.

The initiative aims to raise awareness and encourage support for Ukrainian products from global consumers. As co-founder of the design firm, Andrey Klen, puts it, “When you spend on Ukraine, you support the economy. Companies are using funds to build and back the military. While armies may win battles, economies win wars.” He adds, “We must help our economy grow, and every penny spent in Ukraine will go towards helping Ukraine.”

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